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Minimum 500%
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​Yearning To Know How Much More Revenue Your Sites, Apps or Network Could Be Yielding After a Yieldmantics Tune Up?

It’s likely a significant amount, so drop us a line and we can identify the dozens of specific optimizations available for your site and/or apps that once implemented with pay daily dividends.


This consulting is provided on a guaranteed minimum 500% 1 year ROI basis

About us

Are the percentage of logos on your LUMAscape slides growing faster than your revenue this year? Or maybe you have more industry conference invites than you can squeeze into your calendar? You’re not alone.

Yieldmantics was founded by Tony Patel to help publishers and networks cut through the complexity and cut to the chase – maximizing revenue from their existing digital audiences, in most cases from their existing tools and talent.

Tony is a globally recognized yield ninja and has helped significantly boost the revenue run rate of some of the largest digital publishers across the globe including Microsoft, Yahoo! and The Weather Network.